Member Of Lebanese Chamber of Commerce #1-44889 register of Commerce (Civil Court of First Instance in Mount Lebanon) registered under #62576 date: 16/03/1998
Location: Beirut (Baabda)
Year established: 1974

Partners or Persons empowered to sign.
Mr. Antoine Hage
Mrs. Rita Margret Hage
Mrs. Tania Hage

Company Nature Limited Liability Company
Duration: Ninety nine years
Capital & Shares: Seventy Five millions Lebanese Pounds.
National Fund of Social Security (General Directorate): Issuance # 22 61 1368
Covered Area: Lebanon, Jordan, Syria & other Middle East countries.

Experience covering - Marketing & After Sales
- Object
- Hospital's Turn Key Projects
-Executive Projects
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A- To study and equip the hospitals and medical clinics with various kinds of equipments, medical appliances, computer sets, water treatment and refining equipments, automatic basin machines and to insure the maintenance of all above mentioned appliances and equipments.
B- To develop the data processing programs, sell, lease and invest them.
C- To carry out studies, consultationsm rehabilitation, execution, and support in field of computer system, skills and technologies relating or connected to it.
D- To carry out trade business of various kinds such as importation and exportation, sale, purchase, and marketing of all materials and equipments mainly those relating to above mentioned equipments and medical materials, computer equipments related or complementary machines and programs.
E- To represent the companies dealing in above mentioned works.

Marketing & After Sales Maintenance for

  Disposables: contact lenses

  Diagnostic & Surgical Equipments

  Operational equipments & Instruments for Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories. Fusce euismod consequat

Hospital's Turn key projectsConsultin, execution, equipments and commissioning.

Executive Projects (Will be sumbmited upon request)